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When surffering from powere cuts or lectricity outages...

Please do not be afraid

Normally, your power will be connected again pretty fast. It will be a good idea to take a look out your window and check whether other houses in the neighbourhood appear to be without power too.

If others in your community do not have power as well, then your local network company may already know about the fault, and you should just sit tight. You may check the website of your network company (line company), as showed below.

Contact your network company

Whangarei or Kaipara:

0800 10 40 40
Website: Northpower


0508 832 867
Website: Vector


0800 100 202
Website: Counties


WEL Networks
0800 800 935
Website: WEL Networks

Cambridge & Te Awamutu:

07 870 2000
Website: Waipa

Hawke's Bay, Rotorua & Taupo:

0800 286 476
Website: Unison

Thames, Coromandel, South Waikato, Tauranga, Taranaki, Whanganui, Manawatu and Wairarapa:

0800 769 372
Website: PowerCo

Central Hawke's Bay:

0800 667 693
Website: Centralines


Eastland Network
0800 206 207
Website: Eastland Network

Kapiti & Horowhenua:

0800 567 876
Website: Electra


Nelson Electricity
03 546 9256
Website: Nelson Electricity


Wellington Electricity
0800 248 148
Website: Wellington Electricity


Network Tasman
0800 508 100
Website: Network Tasman


Marlborough Lines
03 577 7007
Website: Marlborough Lines

Christchurch & Central Canterbury:

0800 363 9898
Website: Orion

Dunedin, and Central Otago:

0800 22 00 05
Website: Aurora

All Other Areas:

Please call us
0800 773 888

Alternatively, you may also lose power due to an overloaded circuit or faulty appliance.

You can reset the power by checking your switchboard and flicking any switches in the ‘off’ to the ‘on’ position. If that doesn’t reset the power (and you can’t easily identify the cause of the problem) then call us to register a fault. Never attempt to pull fuses or switches from your meter board – this must only be done by an experienced electrician. Because so many things can cause a power cut, keep a well-stocked emergency kit.

Medical dependency

Please do not be afraid

If the disconnection has threatened the wellbeing of someone in your property, please call 111 immediately. Moreover, it is significant to let us know if someone relies on electricity for an approved life support equipment in your property. Please be prepared, it is easy to submit a ticket via this link for medical dependence.