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Medically Dependent

It is important yto let us know if anyone in your property requires electrivity for medical support. SPE provides a wide range of services to support those who are medically dependent, which may include both power controlling and bill management. It is our promise to make things better for you.

Please use the following form to let us know if you rely on critical medical equipment which powered by electricity, we will mark this situation on your account.
If you have not have a SPE account yet, please sign up here and tick the "Medical Power Supply" optain.

Please let us know if you need medical power supply:

Once we receive your form, we will contact you as soon as possible to gather some detailed information such as emergency contact person or your ICP number. After that, we will work with you to guarantee that you are sufficiently supported. Besides, we may visit your home if that is necessary, or establish a smooth payment plan if your account is overdue.
To speak with us about vital medical supply, please call us on:

0800 SPE 888 / 0800 773 888

If someone at your property is medically dependent and without power, please read this important information on what to do.

For more information in regard to our SPE Smooth-Payment, please read this page.