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South Pacific Energy manufactures our own wind driven generator, thus, we are able to ensure a higher stability as well as a relatively lower price.

Our factories are located in GuangXi of China, which produce generators since the yaer 1958. With almost sixty years experience and world-class research and development capability, SPE Group proudly releases the small-scale, civil level  wind driven generator.
Unlike super large generators, you may install one of our wind turbine on your propertyies such as farms or holidayhouses. The generated electricity not only can supply your power usage, but also can be sold back to us if its redundant. In other words, you are saving money and making money simultaneously.
Please call on on 0800 SPE 888 / 0800 773 888 for detail information.
Apart from the small-scale wine driven generators, South Pacific Energy offers its augmented product: Wind-Solar Complementary Street Lamp.
For now, many significant regions in China have successfully adopted such product, including 'The Bird's Nest'- Beijing National Stadium, Chinese National Wetland Park of Yellow River and Fang Cheng Gang Nuclear Power Plant. Additionally, our street lights have sold to Germany, Turkey and Spain as well.

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Please call on on 0800 SPE 888 / 0800 773 888 for detail information.