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  • South Pacific Energy
    helps you to save power and money.

    SPE green energy project continues to kiwi renewable power.
  • SPE works hard
    to make your life easier

    Street lamps with SPE's cutting edge technology
  • SPE Home power plans, peace of mind for your family.

    Please check our rates, it's not just cheap.
We are dedicated to provide the best and economical electricity solutions to our valued customers.

Welcome to South Pacific Energy Limited

Our Mission is simple, deliver a very competitive electricity price to every customer.

We do not conduct expensive marketing activities with special offers that disguise hidden fees. You will never see us advertising on TV. By keeping our costs low, we keep your costs low.

We are a New Zealand power retailer that is comprised primarily of Chinese groups. However, we take pride in understanding and accommodating the needs of both Asian and Kiwi customers. We provide highly customized services and accept payment via a number of payment platforms.

Peter Wu

Director & Founder

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Our lower rates save you a great deal of money and we provides a detailed bill that outlines your savings
Alternative Power

Alternative Power

We bring sunshine and the spring breeze into your home
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Business Electricity

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Decent Service

Decent Service

Our business is not just about power and low rates
we are your friends